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A language in a month only for 19,90 Euro


Faster learning,

without forgetting!!!


Have the desire to learn german in a month?  Here is the opportunity. A gift package for family, friends and all the loved ones.


- Aslernen is an Electronic coach booklet

- Your ascent by faster learning!!!

- Learning software for young and old

- Success in school and career

- “Aslernen” not only teaches fast but it also helps to remember as quick as you can

- More than 3500 words and sentences in a language package.

- All of it is verbal and written.

- It is a program that works and teaches with logical technics.

- It is a program of Aslernen which is the number one in education.

- All the information is combined in one CD only.


- Aslernen - is an electronic coach booklet - given the opportunity to study questions and answers along with pictures

- Aslernen - is an electronic coach booklet - which shows you where your weak points are before the examination and leads you without tension to your weaknesses and eliminate these.

- Aslernen - is an electronic coach booklet - an electronic coach booklet, which makes it possible to learn as many languages in a very short period of time.  "Aslernen” will certainly help you to get perfect scores in your examinations

- Aslernen - is an electronic coach booklet - with which you download finished training aid where you can hear and see.


In addition you can also enter your own desired teaching subjects. It is provided with pictorial materials in the language that you are learning.


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